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Crane Rentals
We have been renting cranes to the surrounding areas for over 40 years. Serving a two hour drive radius from any of our facilities, our experienced NCCCO certified crane operators will bring the crane to your site and handle your job. Call us for your crane renting needs. 

14 Ton RO Stinger Crane - 63 foot boom 

14 Ton Stinger Crane Fixed OSHA Approved Basket
  • 3 section, hydraulic 63 foot telescoping boom 
  • Fixed OSHA approved basket available

    Click here to download RO Stinger lifting diagrams 

Concrete Pump Rental

Save time and money on your jobsite by using one of the most efficient methods to place concrete, the concrete pump.  Our Putzmeister 28-Z can pump up to 210 cubic yards of concrete per hour!  Our pump has a 4 section, low unfolding boom that will save you money in time, labor, distribution and cleanup costs.   Place concrete in hard to reach areas easily with the use of the Putzmeister 28 Z!  
Availalble for Pennsylvania and Maryland pours.

Putzmeister 28- Z Concrete Pump
Putzmeister Concrete Pump

Features include:  

  • 5"  pump line 
  • 92 foot boom 
  • 50 foot rubber hose 
  • 50 foot steel pipe 

Use any combination of the these to get the maximum length and reach to overcome most any job obstacle.

Water Truck Rental

Control jobsite dust easily with our high volume water truck.  Hourly rental is available with an operator.
Other great uses for our water truck include water for smimming pools and for watering plants and vegetation.

3,300 gallon Water Truck
Water Truck

Features include:  

  • 3,300 gallon storage
  • front and rear spraying
  • rear soaking bar
  • 50' of 2" hose
  • 4" line for bulk water filling

Equipment & Tool Rentals

In addition to large equipment rentals, we also offer the following items for rent:
Air Compressors 
Air Compressors are used in conjunction with a jack hammer to remove existing hardened surfaces.  Our Air Compressors are available for rental with and without a jackhammer.  Air compressors may be rented for both full and half day (4 hours or less) intervals.
Troweling Machines 
Troweling machines are used to finish the surface of concrete to the required smoothness. Troweling represents the last stage in the finishing process. This action helps compact the surface and adds to the quality and durability of the finished concrete.  Trowleing machines are available for rent by the day.
Concrete Saws
Concrete Saws are available for daily rental or for purchasing.  Our saw rentals include a diamond saw blade with the saw.   The diamond blade accompanying the saw works great for cutting concrete floors, walls, masonry, asphalt and steel.  Both diamond and black abrasive saw blades are also available for purchasing.
Concrete Saw
Wet Cart
The Concrete Saw Wet Cart is designed specifically to work with hand held gas powered cut-off saws.  The saw cart makes cutting straight and curved lines much easier with the saw fixed mounted on the cart.  Blade depth may also be uniformly controlled.  The wet cart is available for rental by the day or for purchasing.
 Bull Floats 
Bull floats are used by concrete finishers to smooth the concrete after straight edging. Bullfloating will remove the unenven areas from the surface. The most popular sizes are 8" in width and between 42" and 48" in length. Handle sections, either 5 or 6 feet in length, can be joined together so that a finisher can float a slab well out of reach. Bull floats are made of aluminum or magnesium and are available for rental by the day or for purchase.

An essential part of any job is a sturdy, rugged wheelbarrow capable of withstanding the weight of wet concrete, aggregates, and more.  We rent and sell durable, metal and poly wheelbarrows that will serve your job well.    Wheelbarrows are available for rental by the day.
Cellar Chutes

These heavy duty, 8 foot chutes can be added to the end of a mixer truck's existing chutes to increase their length. Cellar chutes will aid in moving concrete below subgrade depths and to hard to reach areas.  Cellar chutes are available for rental by the day or for purchase.
Concrete Vibrators 
Concrete vibrators are used to consolidate fresh concrete.  Vibration causes much of the entrapped air in the concrete to rise to the surface, and minimizes honeycombing resulting in a smoothly concrete face once formwork is removed.  Concrete vibrators are availalble for rental by the day or for purchase.
Concrete Buckets 1/2 & 1 Cubic Yard Concrete Buckets
Make concrete placment easier for walls or above ground areas with the use of a concrete bucket.  Buckets are available in both 1/2 and 1 cubic yard sizes.  Daily and weekly rentals available.
Elephant Trunk Hopper Elephant Trunk Hopper When elevated, this 3' x 3' poly hopper minimizes time and waste when pouring walls and filling block.  Available for rental by the day or for purchase.
Bartell Concrete Surface Grinder Bartell Surface Grinder This gas powered surface grinder will etch concrete surfaces up to 1 foot wide.  Depth grinding is adjustable up to 1/2 inch deep.  Rental is available by the day.

Click here for addional concrete related building products

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