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Learn more about Hanover Concrete, Co., a family-owned-and-operated business offering concrete services and building materials out of Hanover, Pennsylvania.


Hanover Concrete, Co., was established in 1940 and remains to this day, through four generations of Albrights and more than 75 years, a family-owned business. Through the years and generations, we have remained steadfast in our belief that good people providing quality products and services make a worthwhile company.
Our commitment to excellence in concrete services and building supplies has made Hanover Concrete, Co., as well as Shrewsbury Concrete and Gettysburg Concrete, industry leaders in the south-central Pennsylvania and northern Maryland regions.

Expanding the Family Business

Shrewsbury Concrete, established in 1976, was our first expansion, put together to serve the southern York County region. The second expansion occurred in 1990 when the Jefferson Street facility was added to serve Hanover and the surrounding markets. Gettysburg Concrete, our fourth facility, began operation in 1996 and has become an integral part of our overall operations.
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An Ongoing Commitment

After all this time, Hanover Concrete, Co., is still committed to providing our customers with the highest-quality concrete products and services available for residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural applications. Our focus emphasizes personal relationships and superior customer satisfaction. Since 1940, we have been providing a large array of diversified concrete construction products and services to meet any building or construction need, and we plan to continue doing so for many years to come.
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