Insulated Concrete Forms

At Hanover, Shrewsbury, and Gettysburg Concrete, we are proud to offer Fox Blocks ICFs. Fox Blocks are a revolutionary and environmentally friendly insulated concrete wall system used to build walls and foundations for any type of building. Fox Blocks ICF is a lightweight, rigid, foam-insulating, block-forming system for above- and below-grade, steel-reinforced, concrete walls. The foaming units are stacked and locked together to quickly build a wall. Fox Blocks ICF can be tall or short and varies in thickness. It may be used for both interior and exterior construction and can be designed for use with any shape or curve.
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Stronger, Greener Concrete Structure

Fox Blocks ICF walls are not like any other reinforced concrete wall. The concrete cures between the EPS panels ensuring the concrete comes to full strength sooner, and is 25% stronger than conventional concrete walls.
Fox Blocks ICFs successfully integrate concrete placement and forming with highly insulating expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels to revolutionize concrete wall construction. This combination of the insulatory capacity of expanded polystyrene coupled with the thermal mass of hardened concrete allows the Fox Blocks Wall system to exceed thermal resistence ratings greater than R-50. What remains is a strong, quiet, energy efficient wall that provides substantial energy savings.
Insulated concrete 1 — Insulated concrete forms in Hanover, PA

Enjoy These Advantages with Fox Blocks ICF

Reduced Heat Loss and Air Infiltration
More than half the energy loss of a conventional wood frame structure is due to unwanted air infiltration and heat loss through the gaps and wall assembly. Air infiltration of Fox wall assemblies are typically 60% lower than a traditional wood frame structure leading to exceptional energy efficiency.
Insulated concrete 2 — Insulated concrete forms in Hanover, PA
Energy Efficient
Exterior wall structures built with insulated concrete forms require an estimated 44% less energy to heat and 32% less energy to cool than comparable wood frame structures. The Fox Blocks ICF wall minimizes indoor temperature swings and reduces the amount of heating or cooling needed and allows for smaller heating and cooling systems for your structure. This saves you money on your project construction immediately and on heating and cooling costs in the future.
Insulated concrete 3 — Insulated concrete forms in Hanover, PA
Strong & Safe
When nature strikes, wind pressure and debris driven by high winds generally presents some of the greatest hazards to people and property during tornados and hurricanes if the building is not constructed to withstand such extreme stress. The high structural performance of Fox Blocks ICF's helps buildings withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornados. The foundation and wall of a Fox Blocks ICF home are reinforced concrete that is 25% stronger than convention concrete walls and able to withstand the impact of wind-blown debris from a category 5 hurricane.
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Fire Resistant
Concrete is one of the most fire resistant of all building materials. Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms have been confirmed in firewall tests. Manufactured with fire-retardant additives, ICF walls were subjected to continuous gas flames and temperatures of up to 2000° F for as long as 4 hours. No ICF walls failed structurally - in contrast, wood frame walls typically collapse after only one hour.
Insulated concrete 5 — Insulated concrete forms in Hanover, PA
Sound Suppressing
Demising or party walls built with Fox Blocks insulated concrete forms reduce sound transmissions by 75 – 85% when compared to conventionally framed wood walls. Outside sounds such as airplanes and vehicles are reduced to a whisper in a Fox Blocks ICF structure.
Insulated concrete 6 — Insulated concrete forms in Hanover, PA
Leed Credits for Greener Structures
Fox Blocks Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) have many benefits that can contribute LEED credits to projects such as no VOC gas emission, air tightness, thermal mass emission, mold and rot resistant, and more which makes ICFs an ideal choice for green building.
Fox Blocks — Insulated concrete forms in Hanover, PA
For more information on Fox Blocks ICFs contact Jeffrey L. Flemmens at 717-637-2288 ext. 239