Concrete Pumping Support Products


Slow Willie Concrete Retardant

Slow Willie is a dry powdered concrete retarder. It's conveniently packaged in easy-to-handle 1 pound bags and can be mixed directly into the concrete during the placing operation. This must have aid saves you time and money.
By delaying the setting time it allows the operator time to easily reach their clean-out location. Slow Willie works well with any concrete mix and will not affect structural concrete strength.

Willie Shield Concrete Release Agent

Willie Shield is an environmentally safe release agent. It contains no solvents, no phosphates, and no petrochemicals.
Willie Shield replaces the "old method" of diesel / hydraulic mixtures to keep concrete from sticking to your equipment. Using Willie Shield will preserve the life of your equipment. It's easy to apply and also acts as a rust inhibitor.

Crete Buster Concrete Remover

Crete Busteris a fast acting concrete remover. It is safe on paint, metal, rubber and chrome. Crete Buster can be used full strength or diluted with water. It contains no salts, chlorides or muriatic acid.
Crete Buster is ideal for removing hardened concrete on ready mix trucks, concrete pumps and booms and almost any other equipment.
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