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Prime -A-Pac™ Pump Primer

Prime -A-Pac™ is a dry, powdered pump primer that when mixed with water becomes a viscous slurry that lubricates and coats pumps and lines. It replaces the need for more costly and cumbersome bags of cement.
Prime-A-Pac™ is ideal for trailer pumps and small line applications.
Prime-A-Pac™ is a primer, and is not intended as an additive to be used in structural concrete. Give up bulky, awkward bags of slurry cement in favor of only two pounds of Prime-A-Pac™!
Prime-A-Pac™ is packaged in 2 lb. bags and is available in boxes or buckets of 18 bags, or in barrels containing 180 bags.
  • Slurry lubricates the entire pumping system
  • Reduces the need for expensive priming grout
  • Eliminates / reduces the need for bagged Portland cement
  • Decreases horse power required for start-ups
  • Reduces friction and line pressure
  • Ideal for horizontal and down-hill use
  • Packaged in easy to use 2 lb. bags
  • Ideal for trailer pumps and small line applications

Slick Willie 2 Pump Primer

Why go through the strain, hassle, mess and expense of using a 94 pound bag of cement to mix your slurry?
All you need is one, little 4 ounce bag of Slick Willie 2
to prime your lines.
Slick Willie 2 combines priming speed and performance all into one line primer. It's non-alkaline formula sets up quickly and can be used without the worry of changing the slump of the concrete.
Slick Willie 2 reduces friction and line pressure and increases the ease and range of pumpability.
  • Slick Willie 2 works with any type of pump
  • Environmentally safe
  • Works with all conventional concrete materials
  • Acts as a pump aid for rough aggregates
  • Contains no bentonite, cementities, soaps or air-entraining agents
  • Convenient - packaged in small, 4 oz. bags

EZ Prime Liquid Pump Primer

EZ PRIME is the most innovative and effective concrete pump primer on the market. The advanced EZ Prime packaging and liquid formula set it apart from any other primer you have ever used.
EZ PRIME is available in 2 ounce packets, mixes up within 2 minutes and outperforms powder primers. It's compact packaging makes it easy to store and transport.
EZ PRIME works well in extreme temperatures from freezing to 110+ ºF.
  • Mixes very fast - in under two minutes
  • compact 2 ounce packets
  • Packaged in small boxes for easy shipping